Why is there always so many unanswered questions, so many mixed emotions.. Shit what’s the point of even having emotions.. You give without expecting anything and for what.. No matter how hard you try, how much patience you have, the outcome is always the same.. i fell for you and i fell hard.. i don’t regret a single second with you because you are perfect.. the way your hair falls onto your face, the funny faces you randomly make your freedom and willingness to achieve greatness.. I would give anything so you could understand how i feel, so you can see things from my perspective.. So that you can give me 1 chance to prove to you that i am worth it, that i can give you happiness.. Its so easy to walk away but i can’t.. i have to try, i need to prove to you that i cant give up on you… so i will give you more of me, more patience, more smiles, more support, i will show you that after me everything will taste redundant..